DIY Triple Knot Accents Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hey, guys. It’s Bailey from LA. Today I’m going to be showing you how to do the triple knot accents. And as you guys know, I did chop my hair short, which I was super-nervous at first. But I love it now. But you guys have been asking a lot for the short hairstyles. Some of the longer braids and hairstyles that you do for long hair do not work on short hair. And I have definitely been learning that. But I have also learned that a lot of accents work on short hair. So I’m here to show you guys this really cute one today. The first thing that you are going to do is part your hair on either side of your head. And then you are just going to want to take a small piece from the top.

DIY Triple Knot Accents Hairstyles for Short Hair Photo Gallery

And you are going to pull back a little bit. And then literally, you are literally tying a knot with your fingers. You wrap it around. Pull the end through. Just like you would tie any other knot. Tighten it up. And then once you have knot in your hair, take a bobby pin, straddle the knot with the bobby pin, and then push it straight in. So it stays. Then you can pull some hair over to cover up the bobby pin. So now that we have one, I’m going to continue, and do the exact same thing with two other pieces of my hair. Now I’m going to take a second piece, wrap it around, and then tie it in a knot again. Take a bobby pin. Straddle it again, just like I did before. Push it in. And then the third piece. So once you have all three of your knots pinned, you are going to want to pull a piece of hair over, trying to cover up the bobby pins as much as possible.

And once you have finished doing that, and you like the way everything looks I’m going to fix this hair over here. Now that I’m finished, I will show you the final product. This is the top of it. Ta-da. And then we will spin around. The curls that I did today are flat-iron curls. If you want to find out how to do those, we have a post link in the description box below. Also, just a reminder we do stay online for an hour after every upload. We call it Power Hour, where we try and answer all of y’all’s comments. We do it on this blog and our blog, Brooklyn and Bailey. If you liked this short hair style go ahead and give this post a thumbs-up. And also, do not forget to leave a comment below if you want to see more short hair styles. And if so, what do you want them to be? Also, comment. Click this button and comment. And I think that’s all we have for you guys today. So we will see you guys next week. Bye! When you get down here to the bottom, you can fill those sections that you have already used before. They’re a little bit separated off. So now I’m just grabbing each of those sections from What is this? Is that a beard? Beautiful. Oh, look. There’s another one. This is like a ball of hair. You want to know where that came from? The shower drain.

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