Do I Have Cancer?

Feeling totally stressed about what’s going on with your chest? Whether you are nervous about what’s normal, worried about your health, or just straight-up confused, we have got you covered.

When are these things ever going to grow?

Most girls will see some growth by the time they are 13. If you feel like a late bloomer, no matter what you have heard about quick tricks that promise bigger boobsmassaging them, lifting weights, eating sunflower seeds they all fall flat. There is absolutely nothing you can do to make your breasts grow faster, says Carolyn Rogers-Vizena, M.D., at the Boston Children’s Hospital Adolescent Breast Center. It’s determined by genetics. But look at your (32A) cup as half full! The good news is your breasts continue to grow into your late teens and sometimes even into your twenties.

Why is one breast bigger than the other?

Just because they are a set does not mean they are a perfect match. Everyone has small differences, Dr. Rogers-Vizena says. And during breast development, those differences can be as significant as one to two cup sizes. Your breasts just grow at different rates. As you get older, they usually become more alike, but if it is really annoying you, buy a bra that fits the bigger one and use an insert to make them look more even.

Why is there hair growing on my nipple?

Knocker shocker: It’s normal, and most girls experience this, Dr. RogersVizena says. The same hormones that make the hair in your armpits and pubic area grow can also cause a few stray strands to pop up in awkward spots (#pubertyproblems). It’s NBD, but if you want to get rid of the hair, it is fine to pluck it, Dr. Rogers-Vizena says. Hair-removal creams or waxing could cause irritation. I’m totally stressing over a lump.

Do I have cancer?

Don’t freak out! Cancer would be extraordinarily unusual, Dr. RogersVizena says. Only 7 percent of breastcancer cases occur in women under 40. (For teens, that number is even lower.) Your lady lumps are actually just thatreally lumpybecause developing breasts consist of fibrous tissue that can feel uneven, Dr. RogersVizena says. But if there’s one spot that feels harder or different from the rest of your breast, get it checked by a doctor. Make your appointment for a few days postperiod, when breast tissue is smoothest, so it is easier to detect anything abnormal.

And that cray rumor that bras cause cancer?

File that under: Not True. What if my boobs are giving me back pain? Plan A: It’s in your breast interest to be fitted for a bra by a professional to make sure you are wearing the right size and getting the support you need. Plan B: Add some abs exercises into your fitness routine. A strong core helps alleviate an achy back. If the pain is not getting better, talk to your doc.

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Do I Have Cancer?

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