In daily life, natural makeup is as effective as natural appearance.
A cloak concealer, a light powder, a little blush, lipstick and mascara give you a fresher, healthier look. Night makeup, of course, should be stronger. However, the rule that should not be forgotten when making make-up is to highlight the most beautiful place of our times. Both a heavy eye makeup and a lipstick wearing a cone color make us look like a makeup cube. For this reason, if you are paying attention to your eye make-up, it is a light lipstick, or a light eye makeup with a lipstick that is applied to reveal the lips.

to socialize
Spend time with your friends. Keep track of the agenda and listen as much as possible. How beautiful and elegant you are, if you are not a social person, if people can not speak a few words in your current affairs, then over time it can be very boring and you can turn into a person who gets away.


One of the most important rules of looking good and happy is to read. The teacher will never age. By reading, you can have an idea in every way. You should be able to talk in every environment where you go, to tell your ideas.

Be warm and natural. Be thankful when you start the day, and when you are out of the house, do not neglect to say “Good morning” to anyone you see, do not look down on anyone.

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