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Work Sphere Exercise No. 1: Job Satisfaction Assessment

This exercise is designed to help you assess if your current job is the right one for you. Too often, people say to themselves and others that their jobs are fine, when it’s clear to an astute observer that they are not fine at all. This survey is designed to raise awareness of how you really feel about your job.

Answer the following multiple-choice questions.

As you can see, the A responses signify high job satisfaction, and each successive letter represents a lower level of satisfaction. By assessing your responses in terms of these letters, you can measure how much satisfaction you derive from your current work.

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Work Sphere Exercise No. 2: True Calling Assessment

The following questions are designed to help you figure out what your true calling might be and why you have not found it or pursued it. There are no right answers to these questions, but they are created to help you think more deeply about what your true calling might be and how to take steps toward it.

Growing up and all the way through college, did you have any particular work dreams? Do you still have those dreams but dismiss them because they’re not “realistic”? Do they still resonate with you today, even though you may have dismissed them?

Do you have a hobby or some other extracurricular interest that you’re far more passionate about than what you do for a living? Have you ever explored how you might translate this activity into a job or a career?

What obstacles stand in the way of turning a passion into a career? Are you concerned about whether you can provide yourself (and your family) with sufficient income to make this career transition? Or is the obstacle related to resources it seems overwhelming to try to make this type of transition at your stage of life?

Can you create a business plan for your true calling? In this plan, can you identify goals, budgets, time frames, and resources necessary to make a transition to work that really excites you?

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