Dorothy Braids The Wizard of OZ Halloween Hairstyles

Dorothy Braids Hi guys! It’s Bailey from LA, Which means I get to pull out all of my pumpkin spice stuff, like my pumpkin spice candles, and my pumpkin ice cream, and my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, Hallelujah, I get to make those! And also it means it is time for the hashtag #CGHSpooktorials! The Spooktorial I’m going to show you guys how to do today are the Dorothy Braids, that Dorothy wears in “The Wizard Of Oz”. And I remember dressing up as a little kid wearing the Dorothy outfit, and even the sparkly shoes, and wearing braids very similar to these. And as you can tell from my outfit, I’m kind of, like, flashing back to when I was wearing that outfit, and I’m wearing the Dorothy outfit all over again. So, I’m really exited to show you guys the braids, and let’s get started!

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To begin this tutorial, I just curled my hair, and then parted it in the middle, and then I pulled one side out of the way, so we could work on the other half. So, to start off, I’m going to take the very top of my half, and begin twisting it very tightly, and you are just going to want to add in all of your hair. It’s going to look very tight at the very beginning, but after we do this, we will be loosening it up a little bit, so it is ok. So continue to twist it all the way down. Get all of your hair inside one twist. Make sure that it is very tight, and then once you get to the bottom, you can go back and pull it, and loosen it up a little bit, so it does not look so tight and flat against your head. And, then, you can also pull the hair behind the twist as well, so it looks a little bit looser and softer. Once you finish loosening up your twist, umm, split your twist into three parts, and you have to be very careful on this part, because your twist can come out very easily if you do not hold it right. If this is difficult for you, you can always just rubber band it, and then braid it, and cut the rubber band out with some scissors.

So I’m going to split my twist into three sections. and then I’m going to begin braiding. When you are braiding, only braid down to about where your collarbone is, because that’s where she wears it in the movie, and then once you get down to the collar bone, take your rubber band, and rubber band your braid. Once you finish rubber banding your braid, you can always go back and pin your twist if it feels loose, or if you see any spots you dislike, and you can also pancake your braid a little bit, to make it a little bit looser and softer. Once you finish your braid, for the last touch of Dorothy, were going to tie a ribbon at the end of our braid. In the movie, Dorothy wears blue ribbons, but because we thought the red matched my outfit a little bit better, I’m going to be using red ribbons. And, now, I’m going to go ahead and do the other side. And now it is time for the final spin! Don’t you guys love these braids? I absolutely love them! Don’t forget to leave a comment below on what you guys are going to be for Halloween! Because, I would love to know! And do not forget to come back next week to check out my mom’s Monster High Spooktorial! Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you guys next week! Bye! Click to comment! Click to watch our Boho Lace Tieback tutorial! Thank you, from LA! Pumpkin toothpaste, pumpkin perfume, pumpkins in general, pumpkin cake, pumpkin chapstick, pumpkin air freshener, pumpkin hairspray, pumpkin toilet paper.

Dorothy Braids The Wizard of OZ Halloween Hairstyles

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