Double-French Tieback Quinn Fabray Glee Hairstyles

Hey everyone. We’re finally back from Hawaii, and we decided it is time to do some more hair. So today, we are going to do one we are calling double French braid tie-backs. Now, if you have been watching “Glee,” like I have been this summer, all of the reruns, you are starting to notice that Quinn Fabray’s hair is looking adorable. So we are going to do one of the hairdos. I have been inspired by Quinn this morning. So we are going. I just started by parting her hair on one of the sides. Doesn’t matter which. And I’m just going to do turn this way, ma’am start by doing a very just relaxed French braid. If you do not know how to French braid, just watch my French braid post.

Double-French Tieback Quinn Fabray Glee Hairstyles Photo Gallery

But I’m just going to pick up as I’m going back, maybe three, four times. It’s not going to be a crazy long French braid. And then I’m going to just stop French braiding and go into a regular braid. And braid it all the way down. And I have already done this on the other side. OK. And when you get to the end of the braids and I have her holding the other side for me. When you get to the ends, I’m just going to take them and just really loosely put them together and put in an elastic. Now here, I mean, if you wanted a little younger look, you could do ribbon. You could do a flower. Or you can just leave it and just let it settle and relax really softly onto the back of her head. Got a little flyaway going on right there. And then I’m just going to spritz it. And let it down. And this is a really fun teen hairdo, tween hairdo, even little girl hairdo. It does not matter. It’s a really soft, natural look.

Double French Tieback Quinn Fabray Glee Hairstyles

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