Double Heart Twists Valentines Day Hairstyles

So we are going to do another Valentine’s hairdo today. It’s called double heart twist. And I have had it on my blog previously with pictures, but we are going to film the post this morning. So I started by doing a zigzag part down the front of her head. And if you do not know how to do the zigzag part, I have a post on that. And then just taking it and putting it into two ponytails. Now I’m going to loosen the ponytails, and we are going to do the flip. Remember, we are using the topsy tail, but we are going up backwards to create the heart look. And just flip it. We’re going to do it on both sides, so loosen it. Topsy tail through the middle. And then flip it. Then we are going to divide the top section into two pieces. And you are just going to twist it. This piece I’m twisting to the right. This piece I’m going to twist to the left. You can have them help hold if you want, or you can just twist it yourself. And then we are going to bring it down and rubber band it.

Double Heart Twists Valentines Day Hairstyles Photo Gallery

And remember, when you put the rubber band in, it pulls the heart a little bit. That’s OK, you can reshape it when you are done. There’s one. And just repeat the same process on the other side. Divide it into two sections. Twist the hair. Hold that for me please. And I have done it her hair slightly damp, just so that it is controlling some of the flyaways. And then create that heart shape. Put in elastic to secure it. There you go. Now, if you really want to hold the heart shape you are worried about it falling forward or something you can just take a little bobby pin, stick it up in the back, and just bobby pin it into place. And that’ll help secure that little heart right on her head. And then I’m going to take some red ribbon. You could do little bows or flowers or whatever, red clips. Just make a little bow on the bottom of each side, and you are done. You have a fun little Valentine’sdo. Say bye. Bye.

Double Heart Twists Valentines Day Hairstyles

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