Double-Hidden Braids Back to School Hairstyles

-We’re going to film a really easy hairdo tonight. This is called the double hidden braids. So I have just left her hair down just kind of naturally curly. You can do this, add a little curl with a curling iron, or with braids, anything like that to just add a little wave. And then in the front, I have parted her hair right down the center, and I have already braided one side, but I will show you how to section it off. If you just take your finger and pretend like you are kind of forming a triangle with the part line.

Double-Hidden Braids Back to School Hairstyles Photo Gallery

Take your finger and just run it up under the hair so that you get a nice, straight part. You can use a comb too if you have a comb, but envision like a little triangle on the front of her head. And then I just put just a little bit of water in it as usual to keep the fly-aways under control. And this is a great tween do or teen do, any of the above. So I’m just braiding at this point, just your standard, very typical braid. This would be a great daddy do as long as you know how to just do a regular braid. So you are just going to braid the hair all the way down or at least of the way down. When you get to there, have your darling daughter hold the braid. I’m going to take her hair just above the ears on both sides, and I’m just going to make a scoop sort of pick up the hair. Now, I’m going to take the braids reach back and take these and I’m hold this for me. Thank you. Take the braids and just secure them with a rubber band, just in the back over hair. This is how we are hiding the braids. Now, drop the hair, and you are just going to brush that over the top of the braid. And pull this part out, and there you go. And it just leaves the illusion of the braid I’m going to pull on this side too but it is actually pretty hidden.

Double Hidden Braids Back to School Hairstyles

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