Double Knot Half Updo for Straight and Curly Hair!

Hey everyone, Today’s hairstyle is a nice simple half-up half-down hairstyle. I’m gonna show you this both obviously on my hair and on curly hair. I love this hairstyle for curly hair because I think it complements the texture so well, but obviously, you can do it on straight fine hair as well. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Let’s get right into it For our first step, you are gonna separate your hair from the temples up. For straighter hair, I recommend sliding your fingers along your scalp until they meet. For curly hair, pick up the curls around the top of your head, and coax them nicely back. Now tie that section of hair into a knot.

Double Knot Half Updo for Straight and Curly Hair! Photo Gallery

Curly hair is great for this technique. Straight hair, you may want to use some texturizing spray first to help it hold the knot. Then pin the knot in place by sewing the bobby pins into the hair, making sure that at least two of the bobby pins make an X inside of the bun. Next, pick up the remaining hair over your ears and sweep it back, and pick up the ends from the first knot, and make sure to leave out any pieces around your face.

Now make that second knot and pin it in place. Once you have done that, this hairstyle is done. I love it on straight and curly hair. It gives just the right amount of texture and dimension to the hair, and still can look really polished if you want it to. There you go, a nice, easy hairstyle that you can mix into your daily routine. If you have any trouble bobby pinning these knots, watch my “How to Bobby Pin a Bun” post. It’s definitely gonna help you out.

Double Knot Half Updo for Straight and Curly Hair!

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