Double Knotted Braids Hairstyles

Hey everyone before we begin the hair, big announcement. We have an awesome post coming on Wednesday. It’s one that we have wanted to do for a long time as a family. A long time. And we just finally did it, it was really, really fun to film, and you guys are not going to want to miss it. Wednesday at pm, so come back and check it out. Give us a thumbs up for extra projects and let’s get onto the hairstyle. So to begin this hairstyle, as I said before, this is a great one to do, wet or dry. You can see that her hair is dry, but I actually prefer this hairstyle a little bit wet. So I’m gonna wet hers down. If you do it dry, I would just suggest running a little bit of dry wax through it just to help add to some grit for that hair. Once you have gotten the hair to the wetness that you like or put in a little dry shampoo, just go to the top front piece. Pick up a little section in the front like you are gonna do a French braid, but instead of doing three pieces, you are gonna divide it into two sections.

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Now, I have a left section and a right section. You’re gonna take the left under the right and then tie a knot like you would tie a shoelace knot. So, and then just pull it down so it is tight against the scalp. Now, you are gonna add hair to that left piece. I’m gonna hold it and add some hair to the right piece and do the exact same thing. So cross the left strand under and tie your shoelace knot. And pull the hair tight against the head. You’re gonna just continue this process all the way back just like you would if you were setting a French braid. So it is gonna go right down the middle of the sections. Okay, when you get to the bottom, you will notice that for this braid, the way it is twisted, it always wants to pull away from the head just a little bit.

So when I get to this point, I just take an elastic. I find where I’m comfortable. Like, if I do not love the way that last one’s looking, then I will just move up one and secure it. And then, you have your nice little braid like this and we are gonna repeat on this side of the head. And again on this section, even though it is the opposite side of the head, I’m still gonna do left under right and then my shoelace knot. Okay Rylan, you are finished. Okay, and here is the final spin. I added some cute little ribbons at the end just to add a little pop. And you are good to go for school or a day when you are running out the door straight out of the shower. Now, be sure to comment to our blog, you can do it by clicking this button right here. And if you wanna watch our other posts, click up there and click right here to watch our Behind The Braids. And we will see you guys next Sunday. [Both] Bye.

Double Knotted Braids Hairstyles

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