Double-Twist Ponytail Daddy Do Hairstyles

-Hello everyone. OK. So we are going to another do this morning, it is called Double Twist Ponytail. It’s a great wash and go do, so if you do not want to straighten, or blow dryer, or curl, or something crazy long on your hair, this is an easy one. OK. I have started with her wet so I can demo what it would be like if you were just to get out of the shower and do it. Plus, I think it helps control the flyaways. I have parted her hair on the left, you can see just wherever her natural partline falls. You can even do it in the middle if you want. And then I’m just going to take a little piece of hair, right here, and I’m just going to start twisting it. Toward your head this way for me, Kate.

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OK. Now, there’s the twist where you add hair in as you go, like, stranding it and this is a twist where you just kind of ass hair in all uniform. You’ll see what I mean. So you are just going to twist it, and then as you go you just very gradually add hair in. So there’s not like a place in the hair where you can tell like, oh she did another strand right there. You’re just going to kind of twist as you go. Twist, twist, twist. All the way back until you are about halfway. You can just kind of eyeball the halfway. Twist it down. You can hold it, use a rubber band, use your teeth, whatever, to hold it in place if you were doing it on yourself. Then you are going to go to the other side and do the same thing. Twist, just very gradually work the hair in so that it looks like a big giant long uniform twist. And then twist it all the way down.

OK. Now I’m going to small rubber band please. Before I secure up here, I’m going to secure at the bottom because I want the twist in the ponytail. But if you didn’t want the twist here, you can always just secure here and let it be a ponytail. So I’m going to go back up now and twist this one on. And there you go. Now I’m just going to add a ribbon right here. You can leave it the way it is, you could add a flower, a ribbon, a bow, whatever you want. And then, just to add a little hairspray to help control flyaways through the afternoon. And you are good to go. Probably a three minute hairdo, very easy on wet hair. Simple, simple, simple. Any age can use it.

Double Twist Ponytail Daddy Do Hairstyles

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