Double-Twists into Side Braid Hairstyles

Hey Today we are going to do double twist to a side braid. And this is a really fun, easy, quick one. So I have obviously already brushed and wet her hair down. And I have parted it on her natural part line, which, for her, is on the left. So the only thing you want to know on this hairdo that’s tricky is you just want to comb to kind of her hair has got a little natural wave to it. So you just want to kind of comb it down, make sure that those fly-aways are going to stay down and that the waves combed out just a smidge. And then you are going to start by going up turn your head this way for me to the top, as close to the part as you can.

Double-Twists into Side Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

Take a little chunk of hair and just twist it. And then as you rotate it around, start adding hair in so that it creates kind of a continuous twist all the way down the side of her head. I’m going to do it again, because that’s a little tricky. So I’m going to show you again. So you start at the top. Take a piece. And as you just rotate it over, just grab a little more hair and rotate it in. And you can see why this is important that it is smooth to begin with, or else you are going to end up with little bumps down in her hair as we get farther along. When you get down here behind the ear, just find a good stopping point and have her hang on to the twist. And then we are going to go around to the other side and do it again. OK. Now this just before I forget. This is the hairdo that she had on in our family intro hairdo.

So I have had a lot of people request for the hairdo that she was wearing. This is it. So again, you are just going to pick up a piece of hair and begin to twist back. And kind of head down towards the ear as you twist. Now, you might find as you go along that you get a little piece that’s bumping up like this. That’s OK. Just scoot back up. Give the hair a little tug again until it is flat and looks the way you want it to lay. Now, on this one, I’m going to wrap all the way around just keep twisting and adding, twisting and adding, until I get to the other side. And I’m going to join them up. Do you have a rubber band? And then when I get to here, I’m going to join them up right behind her ear with an elastic. And at this point, you can leave it soft and loose, just a ponytail, or you could do a fishtail braid, or you can just do a regular braid. Or you could even add curl whatever you want. I’m just going to braid it today. When you are done braiding, add another elastic. And you are done. Add a little hairspray. And then I would put a flower or a ribbon right here, in her hair. And there you go.

Double Twists into Side Braid Hairstyles

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