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This astringent fluid will act as an effective herbal antiseptic to kill the bacteria that accompany the formation of acne, help balance excess sebum production and work as visible fat reduction in your face. I would recommend it for normal, greasy or spotty faces.

2 cup spring water

2 cloves of tea yarrow dry yarrow

4 climbing tea spoon fresh open eucalyptus oil

10 drops tea tree essential oil

5 drops of pure oil or eucalyptus oil

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Preparation: Add the boiling watery yarn, remove from the fire, cover and brew for 30 minutes until it is good and strong. Suck and cool. Let’s add the essential oil. You can store up to 1 month in a jar or a bottle in the fridge.

Usage: After cleansing with the help of cotton, you can apply it to the entire face and body or when you want to drain fat. After the procedure, if you apply it in the chilled and impact mode, it gives you a wonderful fragrance.

Alfa or betahydroxy acid products, or the use of lash masks, is of utmost importance in helping to reduce the occurrence of new crises and removing dead skin deposits that can block the pores. Find a light natural product in the soothing ingredients such as Almond or Vermicelli, lavender, cabbage, and goldfish.

Sebum continuity: I live in a coastal settlement in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and when the summer heat and humidity are suppressed in July and August, my normal dry skin is doing some sort of change and pumps the oil out. Cleaning applications for 2 months. Change to remove excess oil and shine. My natural products company trusts the gentle soaps of Sun Herbal Soap Skin Care in September, they are very kind and do not strip all of my skin’s protective oils. After cleansing with a natural soap, I continue with the Bitter Balancing Formula.

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Dr Denese Skin Care

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