Dragging your feet in spin class

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Recent research in Environmental Science & Technology journal concluded the colour green, as a primitive feature of visual sensation, has a contributory effect toward positive green exercise outcomes. Researchers asked 14 subjects to perform five-minute moderate-intensity cycling tasks while watching footage that simulated cycling through a green environment, or the same footage that was altered to be red or black and white. Participants who cycled in a green environment reported lower perceived exertion and mood disturbance, while red environment participates reported higher anger.

Before compression gear became normcore haute, it was used for exercise. But which performance promises can our favourite firm-fitting leggings keep? A new study by the University of Essex revealed that they may not necessarily reduce lactic acid or improve jump performance but – if you are planning on doing steady-state running at around 12 kilometres per hour – they will improve your running economy. This was due to enhanced proprioception, improved circulation and reduced muscle oscillation (aka jiggle).

The stick: Dragging your feet in spin class.
The fix: Do your two times tables. Recent research by the University of Florida found that people cycled 25 per cent faster on a stationary bike while completing easy cognitive tasks. “As participants were doing the easy tasks, they were really going to town on the bikes, and they didn’t even realise it, researcher Lori Altmann says. The theory behind their improved performance? Altmann concludes, “It was as if the cognitive tasks took their minds off the fact that they were pedalling.

Milky chance
While we have been splurging on pricy protein drinks, science has found that good old-fashioned milk may do a pretty good job of facilitating recovery and muscle growth. According to research in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, consuming 500 mls of milk following muscle-damaging exercise (like strength training) attenuated muscle soreness and weakness in the 72 hours post sesh.

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Dragging your feet in spin class

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