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Vodka Drinks

Genuine vodka is a distilled spirit made mostly of barley, malt and rye. It is a neutral spirit, now more often made from maize and potatoes. Because it is colourless and without a pronounced flavour it has become very popular in making mixed drinks.

A word of caution: because one is not aware of a flavour, some people, on first acquaintance with vodka mixed-drinks, can be inclined to drink too much.

Drinks that are stirred

Vodka and Water

You will need for 1 glass:

2-3 Ice cubes water

1 measure vodka 1 slice fresh lemon

1 Put the Ice cubes into a highball glass.

2 Pour the vodka over the ice.

3 Add water to taste.

4 Garnish with the lemon.

5 Stir and serve.

Vodka Sazerac

You will need for 1 glass:

1 cube sugar 3 drops Pernod 2 drops Peychaud 2-3 Ice cubes bitters or Angostura 2 parts vodka bitters

1 Put the cube of sugar into the base of an old-fashioned glass.

2 Shake the bitters on to the sugar.

3 Add the Pernod, and with a spoon swirl the mixture about so that it clings to the side of the glass.

4 Put in the Ice cubes and pour in the vodka.

5 Stir gently and serve.

Drink To Mix Patron With

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