Drowning for child

Drowning for child

1. Turn an infant upside down to drain water from the stomach and lungs.

2. Lie an older child on her stomach and lift her under the stomach to force the water out.

3. Make sure the airway is not obstructed.

4. Begin artificial respiration immediately (267).

5. Give heart massage if necessary (276).

6. If the child has been in icy water, warm her up as quickly as possible.


Foreign bodies

Do not attempt to remove objects like beads, nuts, etc. from the ear. Get the child to a doctor.

Insects in the ear

Pour cool water or clean olive or cooking oil into the ear so that the insect can float out.

Do not attempt to float out any other foreign body.

Electric shock

Do not touch the child.

1. Switch off electric current.

2. If the child is still touching the source of the shock and you cannot switch the current off, stand on dry newspaper or wood and if possible put on rubber gloves. Then use a broom or other wooden object to pull the child away from the source of the shock.

3. Keep the child warm and rush her to hospital.

4. Give artificial respiration and heart massage if necessary (276). An electric shock that has caused the body to become rigid, even if the child appears to have recovered quickly, may have caused internal damage.

Drowning for child

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