Drying Your Straight or Wavy Hair

Whatever kind of hair you have, always make sure you gently towel-dry your hair. The correct way to do this is to pat the moisture out. When you do this, be sure not to rub your hair with the towel.

This is what causes your hair to frizz. After patting the moisture out, roughly dry only the ends until your hair is only partially damp now. The best method is to part your hair, dividing it into sections that are manageable. Use a clip to hold the other sections out of the way as you dry one area.

As you begin to dry your hair, lift it at the roots (you can use a round brush for this) and pull it taut as you direct the heat of the blow dryer onto your wet hair.

Allow the heat to start from the root, down the length of the hair shaft, all the way to the end of your hair. When you reach the ends, spinning the brush either over or under will help to seal the cuticle.

This is what gives your hair a polished shine. When you have repeated this process on all sections of your hair, you can use something such as a shine serum to rub into your hair. Something like Neutrogena Triple Moisture Healing Shine Serum is a perfect solution. This can usually be purchased for under $10.

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Drying Your Straight or Wavy Hair

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