DWTS Cast Reveals Their Dancing Inspiration and Who’s Already On Track To Win!

Okay you guys are arguably like the hottest couple here, let’s talk about that god someone said it finally sure you guys never get we don’t hey guys I’m Joe Drake we’re talking to the cast of Dancing with the Stars season 27 how’s Milo doing in rehearsal. Myles doing pretty good. Yeah yeah he’s got some rhythm for sure I mean obviously ballroom is totally different. So he has no training in that whatsoever which I quickly found out that’s alright that’s okay you gotta start somewhere how is he doing in rehearsal a lot better than I expected him to be.

I don’t you had a low expectation that’s what everyone keeps saying I feel like you do I don’t Jim this come in with experience ask him how’s she doing in rehearsal she had zero experience when we started he’s a great student I will have to give you that he listens to everything I say why are you he knows how to listen how to do that she’s actually doing really well um.

I’m shocked with how how hard she’s working actually you know I didn’t expect it just. Because you know like the first rehearsal you never expect anything, and she came in there, and she just never gave up, and just wants to learn, and that’s the coolest part that she actually wants to be here they’re a celebrity dancer artist musician out there that can really dance that you’re gonna try to my blog on the ballroom floor you know who I’ve been my bloging is Taylor Swift, and she cuz. Because I feel that she’s a great answer well I’ve just said in Chris Kattan sometimes.

Oh yes I got the booty I’m just gonna say it Channing Tatum come on Oh magic might listen a little some JT movie we can my blog have. Yeah now of course we’re celebrating season 27 we’re asking everybody today where were you what were you doing at age 27 at age 27 right now I will be in the locker room of the Dallas Cowboys, and man spot to be at 20 set up a football game for Sunday. So that’s what I’ll be doing right now yes I built my first radio syndication company with my own money I was broke I’d spend all the money I was making I was investing back in a technology to build radio and.

So I at 27 I was doing that I was still girlfriendless, and very single, and lonely I still am now 11 years later. But but the radio things going well. Yeah yeah when I was 27 I quit drinking yes I I had the worst hangover of my life, and I woke up one morning, and I said I’m done, and that is what led me here. Because if I hadn’t quit drinking on that day I would be on intervention right now during my 27th year I had the number-one album in the country well look at bad not nobody here can say that no, and that cool didn’t that cool to see. So I was in a grocery store at Twenties grocery store Joe yep, and your experience doing the Harry Potter posts how will that assist you in the ballroom we’ll be doing any flying on brooms anything will we see a facts of life inspired dance I don’t know you know. Yeah I just have to get through the first week, and we’ve been asking everybody at season 27 of Dancing with the Stars where they were when they were 27. But where do you guys want to be when you’re 27 that’s all these folks are at 20 said okay look what I want to be at 2727 like to be sitting on my couch looking at a mirror ball that I won in season 27 you.

DWTS Cast Reveals Their Dancing Inspiration and Who’s Already On Track To Win! Photo Gallery

DWTS Cast Reveals Their Dancing Inspiration and Whos Already On Track To Win!

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