Earasers – Invisible Ear Plugs That Work

We musicians are a vain lot, myself included, and no one wants to be seen on a stage or at a concert with bright orange earplugs sticking out of their ears for the world to see. At the Summer Namm show I met the owner and inventor of Earasers, which are not your garden variety earplugs. Earasers were developed to help provide consistent hearing protection, without the muffled sound issue that most of us face when trying to carry on a conversation or while trying to sing or play music with sound protection in. They are made in different sizes depending upon the size of your ear canal and you use a small attached handle to insert the clear rubber Earaser into and out of your ear. They aren’t just designed for musicians but also for dentists, motorcyclists and for people that have problems sleeping. Current accessories include a small aluminium case to carry and protect them in, a renewal kit and cleaning kits. At this time they are only available online. From the sound of things they hope to land in UK and European stores in the next year. www.earasers.net.

Earasers   Invisible Ear Plugs That Work

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