Easy Bohemian Updo

It’s day five our last day of our perfectly imperfect hairstyles now this one is my favorite. I saved the best for last or at least my favorite for last. And I think it is the best to wear day tonight. So it is Friday night. So you should wear this one out during the day, and then tonight. I think it works perfectly but. I really like this one it was somewhat inspired by a picture. I saw online that. I cannot find again but if, I will find it again, I will put it in the description box for you guys to check it out but that’s it the is our very last one. I hope you guys have liked our little hair marathon they said we have had going on. And I will see you next week with another tutorial.

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I hope you are doing well. I hope you liked this little series let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to check out the posts from before if you missed any of the first four posts, I will be sure to link them at the end of the post. So yes that’s it. I will see you guys in my next tutorial la by Robin making a little triangle basically going from either side of the crown of your head down to the center of your neck, and then we are going to start by teasing the top of that triangle just for some extra volume now if you have thick hair you might not even need to tease your hair but if you have thinner hair like. I do um it will help a little bit, and you can see here that.

I’ll teasing in two sections to get just a little bit of extra volume once you let your teasing done you are just going to let the hair back down, and smooth it, and then you are going to twist it at the very base, and kind of push up just a little bit, and then crisscross your pins within that little twist that we did you can see, I will pinning vertically here. So that it kind of holds it a little bit better then you are going to take one of your side sections, and give it a little teasing again if your hairs a little bit on the thinner side pull it over, and twist it, and then lay that twist right next to the previous twist, and pin that into place, and when you pin it make sure that you are pinning your bobby pins into those previous pins, and then it is going to stay really well. And I bet you can guess what we are going to do next on the other side you are going to tease it just a little bit, and bring it over, and twist it, and pin it in place now here. So that you can hide the pins you want to twist it really well you can see that, I will taking a little while to get that twist into place, and then you are going to pin up, and into the twist, and that will make sure that our heights really well, and that’s your hairstyle hope you guys have liked this little miniseries that we did. I think it was a lot of fun, and here are the rest of the posts in the series be sure to check them out if you have not already. And I will see you guys next week bye. I have to do it these are going to or Jamboree marathon something style. I think, and it is Friday night. So you should do date night with this hairstyle smooth dork.

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