I am So sorry for today’s post because it is something I have wanted to share for a very long time, and it is how to style scarves in your hair along with three very simple hairstyle anyone else loving this trend. I feel like, I’m a little late to the bandwagon but. I absolutely love scarves in your hair or under your neck for summer and, I think this will be a huge trend for fall as well even if it is not, I’m totally gonna be rocking with these guys but and let’s know a which look was your favorite and let’s go ahead and get started..


So I ended up getting this really pretty silk scarf from forever 21 and, I fell in love with it because. It’s so large you could wear this scarf. So neat different ways. I saw a girl wearing it as a top which. I thought was pretty cool you can wear it on your neck on your bag and your hair. I think that they are so awesome and you could probably find some really cool silk scarves at a vintage store too first up is my favorite hairstyle and you won’t believe how easy it is to do we are going to create a Dutch braid starting at the crown.

So just imagine you are grabbing your three sections but only grab that left section for now and then next to grab a corner of your scarf and place it underneath your section and then take two bobby pins and cross them over one another just to help fold the scarf into place next join your scarf into that outside section and then grab your other two sections. So you have a total of three and, I do not need to be too perfect once you have your three sections we can begin Dutch braiding all you want to do is bring that left section including your scarf underneath the middle and then take your right section and bring it underneath the middle this just helps build the foundation for the Dutch braid now on your left side grab about a one-inch size section and join it into that left section and then bring it underneath the middle and again on the right side grab a one-inch size section and join it into that right side and then bring it underneath the middle and when you are crossing the section with the scarf underneath the middle you just want to make sure that this is showing. So just pull it out a little bit to loosen it up and. So that you can see it and then continue decorating down the remainder of your head remembering to pull out the scarf just a little bit to make sure that it is showing and not hidden underneath your session once. I reach the nape of my neck. I just secured it off with a clear hair elastic but feel free to continue braiding down the rest of your hair. I just think it looks really cute like this with the scarf hanging out and then.

I made a few adjustments by pulling my scarf out even more and if you want to do this to just make sure you are starting at the top and then working your way down and once you are happy with it just take the bottom of your scarf and knot it by wrapping it around the ponytail and then pulling it through itself there it is. I love how the scarf transforms is a super simple hairstyle and just gives it a really unique look next up is this really cute and flirty voluminous ponytail we want to add some volume. So first step grab the top layer of hair that’s at the crown of your head once you have this section you just want to twist the bottom of it around one or two times and then push it up and you can see that it gives you instant volume at the top of your head without having to tease your hair you grab two bobby pins and just pin that pin into place. I have such a hard time Bobby pinning from left to right. I have no idea why but it is such a struggle but you can see here at how much volume this step gives you want to secure it loosely gather the rest of your hair and create a ponytail right below where your bobby pins are just be careful not to get them caught up in the ponytail now for the transformation grab your scarf from both corners bring it underneath your ponytail and then just double knot it into place and if you are worried your scarfs going to slip out just throw over a clear elastic to help hold it into place and there you have it this took me only about three minutes to do and just look. So fun and cute and lastly we have this really cool retro inspired half-up hairstyle first up gather your hair as if you are creating a half-up half-down ponytail. I like to weave hair down to cover my ears.

I find just gives me a more effortless and relaxed appearance one together your hair just start securing it off with a hair elastic now my hair elastic wraps around my ponytail three times. So on the third time, I’m just going to gather my hair and, I’m going to create an upside-down bun by only pulling my hair half way through this is how I used to wear my hair every single day in elementary school and then take your ends and divide it into two and then take your scarf and lift the top part of your hair elastic. So that you can pull your scarf half way through once your scarf is through grab your two ends and tie them into a bow. I actually ended up wearing this hairstyle out for dinner. I added some curls into my hair and, I got. So many compliments and, I think it is because it is just something different.

So there we have you guys. I think adding a scarf is such a great way to make a simple hairstyle something really special there are so many different styles and patterns of scarves out there. So you can really personalize these hairstyles and make them your own but. I really hope you found this post helpful if you did do not forgive it a thumbs up let me know what you would like to see next and I will talk to you guys in my next post you.

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