Easy Heatless Beachy Waves Favorite Hairstyle of the Month

Hey Everyone kale here with what has been one of my very favorite hairstyles of the past couple months, and it is just these little heatless waves they are really easy. So let’s get started um first of all, I will wearing a funny shirt like, I have been doing it most of my cute list tutorials apparently first of all you are going to want to start out with your hair slightly damp either after showering or from using a spray bottle of water then use a detangle, and some kind of mousse to add some hole to your hair, and home through to get any tangles out make sure to use a gentle brush or a right tooth comb then come all of your hair straight back, and pick up a small section of hair right next to the front hairline now you want to braid this really closely to the hairline. So that you get those waves really close to the scalp.

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So that it look really nice, and natural that’s one of my favorite things about this hairstyle. Because most of the time when you do a heatless curls style you kind of end up with the curls starting lower down on the hair, and that just really bothers me. So I like that this one starts really close up to the scalp. So it is really important to me to get that really tight in its starting that braid as close to the front of the hairline as possible now as you go you will notice that the hair gets a little bit difficult to incorporate. So what. I do is. I brush my hair up like it is going to go into the braid, and then. I take my section, and start braiding it in it makes it a lot easier you deal with a lot less tangles you get a nice tight braid instead of one that’s all over the place, I will just a big fan of it. So if you are having trouble especially if you have thick hair try brushing it first it really helps then of course finish it off with a braid, and secure it with a cloth hair tie to ensure that you are not causing any extra damage then slide that hair tie as close to the end as you can, and make sure to loosen up the end of that braid.

So that the waves aren’t too tight on the end. Because that can get a little funny looking, and all you have to do is go to sleep, and wait for your hair to dry, and then in the morning. I have changed into another graphic t-shirt, and all you are going to do what your hair is dry is go ahead, and then Ravel the braid um be gentle with it but do not comb your fingers through it too much or else you might cause some friskiness or puffiness that you might not, and then. I would recommend to take the light hold hairspray, and just spray, and scrunch to make sure that your hairstyle stays all day long, and that’s it. I hope you guys have enjoyed this, I have done tutorial similar to this before but. I thought. I should bring it out again. Because. I just really love this hairstyle. And I thought you guys might too. I will see you guys in my next post love you very much look.

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