Easy Updo Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes Style

Hey girls Abbey here today. I have this very requested Jennifer Lawrence tutorial from their Golden Globes it is a great hairstyle. Because you could wear this to prom if you wanted to but you could also wear it just everyday or even with just like a cute outfit. I just think it works it is really nice. I started with the top of my hair curls really tight. I used a really tiny little iron to do this but you could just recreate this with little tiny sections of hair on the smallest size iron that you own even if it is not as small as this one. So start out by giving your hair just a little tease in the front just to make sure that it lays back nicely, and spray it a little, and run your fingers through it to make it nice, and PC then you are going to create as many braids as you want my camera’s hates me and.

Easy Updo Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes Style Photo Gallery

So. I cut off me braiding most of these but. I just took two braids basically from right in line with my eyebrows, and rated them down really loosely you could do these identical braids or you could add more you can do them smaller you can do whatever you want here the is really good for also securing bangs back. So if you have bangs, and you do not want them to be in your face you can fit incorporate them into the braids, and they are out of your way now gather your hair from the ears up, and kind of push it up a little bit to create some volume make sure it looks good from the front, and make sure that it is still kind of loose. So that you get those messy curls, and pin it in place. And I used about bobby pins to hold this in place. Because it is a lot of hair. So do not be discouraged if you have to use a lot then go ahead, and twist your hair really loosely.

I mean really loosely. Because you do not want this to think a tight little bun, and then go ahead, and wrap it into a bun, and this bun sits very low on the head you want to get it as low as you possibly can also make sure that you tuck your ends underneath the bun. So that they do not stick out, and then pin in place as much as you need. I basically went around the bun pending like every inch until. I had it secured. Because it is big, and you didn’t you know wrap it very tightly. So you do need a lot of pins to secure it once you have all that done your hairstyle is done it is actually really easy to complete you just need messy hair, and then you stick to braids in it, and abundant it, and you are done. So hopefully you guys try this out, and send me pictures you do. I always love to see them make sure to check out my previous post. And I will see you guys on Wednesday with my next post see you then by.

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