Edgy medium length haircuts

MAKE IT LAST The boundaries set for social media will differ from couple to couple, but these days, it is something worth discussing before allowing social media to ruin your relationship. Yours Hair is I suggest agreeing on what is and is not okay. Are you okay with your husband DMing (sending private messages on Twitter) other women? Is he okay with you posting sexy pictures of yourself? Is it okay to keep changing your relationship status when you have fights? It seems silly, but these are things that now affect us in the age of social media. Most importantly, before you post anything or engage in fights online, think about whether this is something that will harm or help your relationship. When you are done, put down your phone, and give your partner some attention. After all, that’s the relationship that really matters, Yours Hair is concludes Ntokozo. Q

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Edgy medium length haircuts

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