How To Eliminate Belly Fat Fast Without Surgery

The health benefits of this three day purging are too numerous to mention but by day four, you will understand exactly why it was necessary. And this is where a close support group can be very helpful. Keeping you on track. Supporting and encouraging you. Reminding you of the goal, the finishing line, the massive pay-off in health, well-being and permanent weight loss. Now it is up to you.

Emotional eating deserves a shelf full of volumes dedicated to the subject of why we feel the need to eat unhealthy foods when we are stressed or unhappy. Much has been written on this fascinating topic and it is fair to acknowledge that some foods really do provide a brief, chemical reaction that can ease our emotional discomfort. The problem of emotional eating has nothing to do with intelligence. It’s inappropriate for many reasons but it is the wrong choice principally because food can never address the underlying causes of someone’s distress.

A feeling of helplessness, of being powerless in the face of difficult circumstances, a collapse in our self esteem or self confidence – any and all of these breakdowns in our emotional stability can lead to heightened reactions from the amygdala and the short-term drive for comfort that contributes to so many long term health problems. We turn to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, foods that are high in saturated fats because we feel they can dull the pain and ease the discomfort. Of course, none of these substances are remotely effective in helping us to deal with the real cause of our problems.

Professional counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, meditation and good support from our family and friends can each contribute to our well-being and will serve our needs much more successfully than a plateful of chocolate biscuits! The key to this scenario is to recognise that the problem exists. Don’t ignore it. Never try to eat, drink or smoke your way through it. You certainly do not have to face your challenges alone. Talk to a professional. Go to our website for more info on this at

If you are over-eating because you are unhappy and do not know how to stop, talk to a cognitive therapist and remove the obstacles that might be sabotaging your willingness to incorporate these weight-control strategies into your life. I want to experience the thrill of getting your life back under control. If it requires a joint effort with a professional therapist who supports your goals and ambitions, so be it!


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How To Eliminate Belly Fat Fast Without Surgery

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