Emilia Clarke İn Game Of Thrones Fame

My sister Cassidy and I are incredibly close, but we’re polar opposites. My dad was kind enough to pass his musical talents onto her, but of course those genes skipped me. My mom and I can hardly carry a tune – we often joke that no one wants to hear us sing even in church! Although she’s a gifted musician, Cassidy never wanted to be in the limelight like I did. She specialised in musical education instead. Some of the best years of my childhood were spent on a television set. When I was younger, all I wanted to do was be on KTV, and when I got the job at 13 it was like a dream come true. With all my school commitments, I quickly learnt a lot about time management.

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I’d need to be on set by 2:30pm two to three days a week – this meant I had to leave school a little earlier for make-up and rehearsals before the live show. On most nights I’d only be able to start my homework at 7:30pm when I eventually got home. Even though I had a hectic schedule, the show gave me so much. I had a career before I’d even matriculated and a really great group of friends – one of the former presenters, Rethabile Ramaphakela, was even a bridesmaid at my wedding. My friends and my family are the ones who’ve kept me grounded from the beginning. It’s very easy to get swept up by the excitement of the entertainment industry, but to my loved ones, I’ve always just been Roxy. One of my oldest friends is Despina – we met at dance class when we were six and we’re still so close today. I’ve known my husband Neil since high school, and even though he’s proud of everything I do, to him it’s just my day job and nothing more than that. Presenting has given me some oncein-a-lifetime opportunities, but it’s not always as glamorous as it seems. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to interview actresses like Emilia Clarke [of Game of Thrones fame], go to London Fashion Week, and spend an afternoon with the St Petersburg Ballet. But it’s not like that all the time.

I remember when my dad was having emergency triple bypass surgery and I was on the set of Strictly Come Dancing. All that I wanted to do was be with my family, but it was a live show. Thankfully my dad was fine, but I know that if he’d died that night, it would’ve been the biggest regret of my life. My parents pushed me to think about a plan B and I’m grateful that I listened. My audio-visual degree gave me the tools to do more work off-camera, like build my video production and content business, Good Hustle. My business partner Dale and I started it back in 2014. Together we work with brands to create and develop short videos for their websites and social media pages. It’s given me the freedom to work from home, or turn a table at a café into an office for a morning. Becoming a business owner was not an easy journey. In 2013, I opened an online fashion store called the OhOneOne.co.za with a good friend, but things didn’t work out as we planned and it failed. I learnt that you can’t just dip your toe in when you want to start a business – it needs your full attention if you’re going to make it a success. With Good Hustle, I’ve learnt to strike a balance between managing my time on my personal TV projects, and being fully present and involved in my own business. I’ve been an avid fan of How Do I Look? since it first arrived on TV years ago. When the SA version of the show was looking for a presenter, I sent in a few of my presenting clips, as well as links to my fashion and lifestyle blog (roxyburger.co.za). I think it showed them that I knew enough about fashion to hold my own. E! South Africa host Katleho Sinivasan will be the show’s style expert and he’ll be giving 12 ‘fashion victims’ a long overdue makeover. I can’t wait!

I worried that the producers might think I was hiding my pregnancy from them, but they were so excited about the news. Within the space of a couple of weeks, I had landed the How Do I Look? gig – and found out that I was pregnant. Since I told the team at E! Entertainment, they’ve been really supportive. They were far more concerned about setting aside the right amount of rest days and making sure that my health, and that of my baby, was never at risk. I understand why some women feel they have to ‘hide’ their pregnancy at first, out of fear of losing their job – it shouldn’t be an issue in 2017, but it can be. I always said that when I turned 30, I’d start thinking about kids. I knew that I wanted children, but I needed to check a few things off my bucket list before I took the next step, so I set myself a deadline. The day I found out that I was pregnant, I put a special box together for Neil. I placed a pair of baby booties, a few poppy seeds – because that’s how big she was at the time – as well as the positive pregnancy stick inside. I think he was a little shocked when he opened it, but we were both over the moon and couldn’t wait to tell our family the good news. No matter how busy we get with work, Neil and I will always make time for each other. Sometimes it can be as simple as a quick breakfast in the morning before he heads to the office. If we ever have a few hours on the weekends, we’re most likely playing a round of golf. It’s no secret that I absolutely love this sport and I’m glad that it’s something we can do together. If there’s one thing I’d spend all my money on it’s travel. I love it and I’m glad that I have a kindred spirit in Neil who feels the same way. I’d much rather live in a smaller house and still be able to visit a new place in the world every couple of months. This is something that will have to be put on the back-burner now that we’re going to be parents, but we’re looking forward to sharing this sense of adventure with our daughter in the years to come.

Emilia Clarke İn Game Of Thrones Fame

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