Emilie Gambade

Deciding what to dress a cover star in is no easy task. The theme of the issue, what would read well on shelf and the person’s personality all comes into play. The fact that this is our Africa issue opened up a world of possibilities.

Print on print? Bright sunshine colours? Urban African? What made up our minds, was hearing Moonchild Sanelly, one of our style influencers, say: ‘We shouldn’t be stuck in a box with the way we define what makes us African.

I can determine my own style without having to wear prints. It is influenced by sensuality, cartoons and our vibrant culture.’ This struck a chord with us and resulted in Thusi rather than the clothes being the focus. Her confidence, sensuality and femininity were what we wanted to capture; to celebrate being African by simply letting her be herself.

Emilie Gambade Photo Gallery

Emilie Gambade

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