Emily Macdonagh Makeup Best Of 2016

Emily: She says:Mummy clean itto me [laughs]!

What are you planning for her second birthday, which falls on January 7?

Emily: Sadly, I will be working. But we will celebrate the weekend before or after and have a little party for her – it won’t be a big celebration like her first birthday and we will probably just buy her something educational and fun.

Emily, last time we spoke, you said you were considering planning your second child for when you finish your first year as a junior doctor in August. Is that still the plan?

There’s no concrete plan. If I feel like my new job is going well, I will just press on with it – but it is too early to say as I have only just started. We’re not trying at the moment, but it is still something we’d like to do and we will have to start trying in the next couple of months if we do decide, as we’d want to ensure it is as close to the end of August as possible. That way I could take a year out and get the maximum amount of time with the baby. Peter: I’d like to have another baby next year, but you never know what’s going to happen.

We’ll have to see how Ems’s work goes and I’m travelling for my tour next year, and already have a lot going on after that, which I love, but will make it harder. It would be lovely to have another baby by next Christmas, though!

Pete, you recently said your biggest regret in life was not becoming a dad sooner.

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Emily Macdonagh Makeup Best Of 2016

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