Emily Macdonagh Style 2016

Emily: Everywhere we take them, people tell us they are the most polite children they’ve ever met. They’re so well behaved. We have to tell them off occasionally, but never for anything major.

I do not really discipline them much, but if Pete tells them off they never talk back to me. If Millie turns out like Junior and Princess, I will be very happy. They’re great kids.

Are you extravagant with each other when it comes to Christmas presents?

Peter: I spend a lot, but Ems prefers homely stuff to gadgets, whereas I’m a gadget freak.

I’d want to go and pick up an Apple Watch or something like that.

Emily: I think Pete knows me well enough to not get me anything like that! Pete got me saucepans and Zara clothes last year and he picked perfectly. I’m not the type to spend a lot of money. I like little presents that are thoughtful. Plus, all the homely things I buy Pete, like soft pyjamas, he still wears – and the Samsung tablet I got him, he does not use!

Will you be dressing up for the kids on Christmas Day, Pete?

There’s only one Santa, but I might dress up as one of his helpers!

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Emily Macdonagh Style 2016

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