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A. Dr Kiran Lohia is an acclaimed dermatologist with over a decade of experience. Her clinic Lumiere Dermatology in Delhi, is known to offer innovative skin and hair care treatments.

It has been two long months since my trip to Seoul, South Korea and I still find myself reminiscing about their skin care and beauty scene. I soaked up every moment of my week there and learned so much I could write a book about their innovative contributions to the industries of beauty and personal care. Here, I give you a glimpse at another side of Seoul Beauty I have not yet touched upon: men’s aesthetic trends in South Korea. I wanted to switch it up and focus on the gentleman for once. Emma Stone

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The first trend for men I noticed was that of microblading. While I was there, I took up an advanced microblading course in order to learn new tips and tricks to bring home with me. In class, I asked if men come in to get their brows done often… and I got a resounding, “Of course!” from my translator and teachers. My translator came back with, “Who wants to date a man with scanty eyebrows?” and everyone in the room cringed, then giggled, in unison. This got me thinking: most men really do look best with thick, full eyebrows. so why are media outlets only talking about microblading for women?

Emma Stone Best Hairstyles

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