Emma Stone Outfit Looks

What was the look you created for Nikhil Thampi’s Illuminate Collection?

Fresh and glamorous, each look was a blend of lustrous skin, highlighted by shimmering eyes and lips. To complement Nikhil’s garments, we used bright shades of blue, purple and red applying tints and tone techniques, strobing to highlight the best feature of the face, graphic glitter lines to accentuate the eyes and crystals to accentuate the lips and completing with a radiant and glowing skin for an Illuminate’ look.

What are the trending make-up looks for this season? Emma Stone

The much coveted Strobing technique for an illuminated look and graphic shimmery eye make-up.

Emma Stone Outfit Looks Photo Gallery

Glitter liners and bright hued lips are to be looked out!


What was inspiration behind the collection? Emma Stone

Illuminate was inspired by the space, galaxy and the sky and revolved around three themes – hue, shimmer and crystal. Lakme experts, Shailesh Moolya and Sushma Khan, created distinct hair and make-up looks for each theme along with my collection that showcased sharp, clean silhouettes in monochrome. The predominant inspiration at all times is powerful women. Behind Quantum, the entire universe was my inspiration.

Emma Stone Outfit Looks

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