Emma Watson Hairstyles – Haircuts – Hair Colors 2019

Conquering the title of Miss Universe Guyana 2017 has been a journey of a lifetime and I will forever cherish the moments and memories as I prepare for the biggest event of the year Miss Universe 2017.

My biggest struggle has been my weight and more specifically my ability to put weight on. Social media and fans has not been kind to me over the years. Unlike other contestants whose routine include’losing weight and toning”, my plan was design to “gain weight and tone”. My trainer has me on a meal plan intended to make me gain weight and at the same time a training routine that helps to tone my body without losing too much calories.

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I am currently enrolled in New York Film Academy undergoing training to build my confidence and public speaking skills. I also have a coach who is helping me with the “Interview” segment. This is so critical in the pageant. We are starting to work with the designer for my evening gown and I am so excited. We are in the early stages but I can tell you it will be glamorous.

The last three weeks we have been working on my Campaign to create awareness on suicide including collaborating with other organizations in Guyana. We are schedule to be in Guyana in the second week of October 2017 for a week long of events.

For my National Costume, we are in conversations with a few designers to bring our concept to reality. This is a fun project and I can’t wait to see what the final product will look like.

Tell us about your current projects?

I am excited to tell you we will be launching our second Outreach Center.This is part of my plan to have an Outreach Center in all 10 regions of Guyana.

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Emma Watson Hairstyles   Haircuts   Hair Colors 2019

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