Emma Willis

Are you looking forward to working with Emma again?

I love Emma, she’s a great presenter and a brilliant friend. We can go months without seeing each other, but then the second we are together it is like:Alright, babe,Alright, chicken, and that’s when you know you have got a friend for life. I can’t imagine doing my job without her.

We hear you have got a cameo in the new Absolutely Fabulous movie…

Oh my God, it is just a dream come true as it is the film everyone wants to be in! Kathy Burke is a friend so she put in a good word for me with Jennifer Saunders [the film’s writer, who also plays Eddie] who apparently said,

‘Of course we will find a part for lovely Rylan. I never actually expected it would happen though! I wouldn’t have cared if I was just an extra in the background or cleaning the toilets on set, I just wanted to be in it. Eddie and Patsy are every gay man’s idols.

Can you tell us about your role?

I’ve got a tiny part as an air steward, which is another dream as I applied to EasyJet when I was 18! It’s a very funny bit of the film and I will definitely be going to the premiere.

So, how’s married life?

Brilliant, although I have not had a day off since we got back from honeymoon. Dan thought it would feel very different between us after the wedding but everything’s the same – except I have enjoyed sayinghusbandto Dan and we have got some Selfridges vouchers!

Why did you decide to change your last name?

I made a joke about Clark-Neal and it just stuck. I didn’t think Dan would change his name but he has. It’s a bit strange not to be a Clark anymore. But ten years ago Dan and I couldn’t have even had a civil partnership and here we are as a married couple, so why not celebrate that?

Tell us about your big day.

It was stunning, so perfect. We were lucky enough to have all our friends and family there and the venue was just amazing. No one has a bad word to say about it. It was better than I ever dreamt it would be.

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Emma Willis

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