If you are after a tasty snack won’t ruin your healthy ng habits, this pocketsized dessert bar may have you drooling. With all-natural, organic ingredients (think cacao, Sicilian almonds and amaranth) and flavours such as Coconut Macaroon, Rhythm 108 bars (£1.80 per bar; amazon.co.uk) fit the bill.

These tasty, protein-rich bars from Atkins are deliciously balanced, making them a great choice when you are keeping an eye on your carb and sugar intake. With 15-21g of protein in each bar, moderate fat, and low levels of sugar and carbs, they are a perfect guilt-free snack whether you are trying to achieve or maintain your optimal weight.

Part of a range of snacks, shakes and meal components, from your Low Carb Experts. Available in the pharmacy aisle of all major supermarkets and health and beauty stores, and online at buyatkins.co.uk

King has a very physical job allow time to eat, an hour for my make-up and at least half an hour to stretch. We have a great chef on tour who creates our menus each day. The food’s always healthy, but tailored to what we need and personal preferences.

At the moment, I’m really into fish, but eat red meat when I feel like I need to recover physically. I love fruit too and have small snacks when needed.

I’ve been on this set for nearly a year now, and I still get nervous, but it is an excited type of nerves. You can feel the energy from the audience as soon as you get on stage and it keeps you motivated. After two high-energy shows a day, it takes me a while to wind down and fall asleep. Before bed, I sometimes drink tea and relax in front of the TV or with fellow acrobats. Some days, I’m so tired I will go straight to bed after a show!



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