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There is nothing as good about doing facials all year round using the ingredients that are in your kitchen. Except for essential oils of this sort, all others are available in your kitchen cabinet, or you can supply them very quickly! This type of skin will give you a feeling of refreshed and well-maintained.

1 application

1 soup spoon thinly battered oats

1 teaspoon lemon juice

(optional, if the mask is not to be used immediately) 1 drop rose and oil

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2 drops Balancing Action

1. Peel the banana and crush it. Add honey, eggs, wheat germ oil, oats and lemon juice if used, and crush it further to get a soft, creamy dough.

2. If the mask is too dark, add some distilled water or a preferred hydrocolour, and mix until smooth.

3. Add the latest essential oil, and mix well.

4. When using, apply face and neck to cleanse, avoiding eye and mouth regions. 10 minutes, or more if your skin is dry. Rinse with warm water, and continue with a tonic and moisturizer. Use it within a few hours after you prepare the application.

Banana Facial Care Application

Environ Skin Care Products

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