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We all know the feeling of trying to untangle knots in the hair and finding broken pieces of hair in our hands when we try to undo any backcombing. Now say goodbye to backcombing woes, as Acca Kappa brings an easy way to achieve the height and volume without damaging the hair. No more static and no more tangled knots!

Especially designed to ‘tease’ the hair without damaging the structure, the Teasing Brush has a pointed handle to precisely separate the hair. The twin monofi lament soft nylon pins help untangle the hair, preventing tears or breaks that are common when using fi ne-toothed combs. The pure natural bristles gently and effectively create volume. Brush along the entire length of the hair from scalp to ends. After repositioning the hair, use the tips of the twin monofi lament pins to fi nish the styling. Available through the regular distribution channel or through Headstart International at info@ headstartinternational.in.

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The Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler is complete with built-in sensors, which read the hair 20 times per second, detecting the moisture level of each strand and automatically adapting the temperature from root to tip to protect hair. It’s personalised to every individual’s needs. SensoCare’s intelligent display allows the user to customise the styler to their specifi c hair type, but the display also provides feedback on your styling process to enhance the results. It also boasts of 100 per cent indestructible ceramic plates that will not scratch or deteriorate, ensuring the hair is not broken during use. Available at all modern retail shops and online.

Eva Mendes Best Dresses

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