Eva Mendes Hairstyles And Best Beauty Looks Secrets

Tell us how your project is going and what inspired you to do it. It’s going well! I love music so I’m always wanting to sing and create new music. I think what inspired this project specifi cally was the place that I was and still am in my life. How do you take care of your hair, and what products do you use that our readers might have access to? I use argan-oil conditioner to keep my hair hydrated, and Murray’s Edge Wax for my buns, ponytails, and sleek looks.

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What are your favorite ways to wear your hair?

For performances, I love having my hair straight and sleek; my everyday looks consist of high buns, curly styles or just a ponytail. What advice do you have for our readers about keeping your hair healthy? If you’re African American, I would just suggest drinking a ton of water, take vitamins and wear your hair in protective styles as often as possible. What are your top cosmetic and skin-care items? Cetaphil and Aveeno products—and apple-cider vinegar.

How would you defi ne your style? I’m just myself…I don’t really know how to describe it. I’m very chic and urban, but I always add my own fl avor to everything. Do you have any encouraging words for our readers? I would say to trust God through every moment of your life, never give up on your dreams and strive to fulfill your purpose.

Koryn uses apple-cider vinegar as a beauty staple. On the subject of applecider vinegar, our editors suggest using Creme Of Nature With Argan Oil F rom Morocco Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Rinse for the beauty of your hair and scalp. It removes product buildup, seals the cuticles and helps protect the natural pH of the hair, all while refreshing the scalp.

Eva Mendes Hairstyles And Best Beauty Looks Secrets

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