Everything We Know About Jordan, and Jenna’s Shocking Split

Are you bachelor in paradise Starr Jordan Kimball is not having his fairytale ending shortly after proposing to his then fiancee jenna cooper on the bachelor in paradise finale on tuesday night reality speed published screenshots of alleged text messages between the social media star, and another man these text messages prove that jenna was not only cheating on jordan.

But went on the show for business Kimball announced on Instagram on Wednesday that he had come to terms with the decision to remove himself from the relationship soon after Cooper insisted on her own Instagram account that she did not cheat, and that the leaked text were completely fabricated despite the situation jordan revealed his remaining civil with jenna on reality Steve’s podcast on Wednesday afternoon he said quote in the most uncomfortable way I am here for her.

Because she is really going through a tough time I have forgiven her, and it hurts me to even have to forgive her. Because that means I’ve accepted that this has happened for more updates on Jordan, and Jenna keep it here at my blog calm.

Everything We Know About Jordan, and Jenna’s Shocking Split Photo Gallery

Everything We Know About Jordan, and Jennas Shocking Split

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