Excimer Laser Treatment For Vitiligo

Additional preventive measures:
1. Try to strike a balance between different spheres of your life, such as work and leisure. Try to stay in an upbeat mood and avoid stress. Avoid stress also keep you away from several other severe ailments besides Vitiligo.
2. Include more bean products in your daily diet. Modern grain products that you can use include black beans, peanuts, shellfish, black sesame, turtles, cuttlefish, kelp, eggplant, celery, sea cucumbers, leeks, and portulaca. People who usually eat these foods can evade Vitiligo completely.
3. Indulge in loads of physical exercise, as it will, in turn, increase your body’s overall energy level and promote your body’s regeneration and recycling abilities.
4. Try to relax as much as much as you can and avoid situations that involve excessive mental stimulation, fatigue, and tension.
5. Make sure that the clothes that you wear aren’t too tight, especially your underwear.
6. Wear loose clothes that are made up of a light material such as cotton. Perhaps ancient people’s use of natural cotton clothes saved them from this pernicious disease.

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7. Avoid rubbing your skin too much. Try to avoid any activities that oppress your skin and cause friction.
8. Avoid coming in contact with phenolic compounds. These include substances such as Mono-Benzyl Ether of Hydroquinone.
9. Don’t expose yourself to direct sunlight for extended intervals of time.
10. If you have a particular skin disease, such as dermatitis or irritation due to an insect bite, treat it as soon as possible.
11. Do not use medicines that contain ingredients which may irritate your skin.

Excimer Laser Treatment For Vitiligo

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