Exercise For Weight Loss

When you exercise, your heart rate increases, you breathe The same things happen during a panic attack, so it makes sense that you may experience these feelings during certain moves. I talked to Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., and Chief Science Officer for the American Council on Exercise about this reaction.

Feeling stress can also result from performance anxiety, he says. A few things you can do to minimize a freak-out, he suggests: Take some deep breaths before go-time to calm yourself. Tense and release the muscles youre about to work.

This technique (called progressive muscle relaxation) loosens muscles so you dont experience excessive tension during the move. Picture yourself completing the exercise and feeling great about it; youre more likely to experience it that way. If you start to panic during the move, focus on your breath. Tell yourself you can do it. If you try all these things and still find yourself on the verge of losing it, consider nixing the move from your workouts entirely. No shame.

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Exercise For Weight Loss

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