Extra Volumecurl Metal Maxicara

Another Neogen product is this mascara right here. And this is the Extra Volumecurl Metal Maxicara. And I was so impressed by how long my lashes looked, and how my lashes stayed up and curled. Most mascaras do not do that, and I used to take around my eyelash curler so I can touch-up throughout the day. This is such a high-quality mascara. It has a metal applicator to it and you can clean it up, you can wash it, and then use it again. I have been using this pretty much every single day because I like how natural my lashes look as well. So, this month, I stopped using eyeliner because.. Or if I do, I only used it on the ends. Because before, I used to draw one thicker than the other because my eyelids are uneven. So, to balance it all, I would draw one thicker than the other but it just like, throughout time, when I watched my posts, and then in the comments, people told me to, like, stop doing that, so I decided to just go as minimal as possible. And now, I only use this eyeshadow, which I will be raving about later, and this mascara. It’s just so simple to do my makeup every day now. And it just looks very natural. That’s why I really like this.

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Moving on to the eyeshadow palette of the month, is this one form 3CE. This is in #Overtake. And when I posted my Best of Beauty with Edward, he talked about how much he loved this eyeshadow palette. And this was available at the DIA TV Reward Zone, so I have immediately picked up all three of them. But I have been loving this one because it is like a perfect mixture of matte and glitter. But I have not been using too much of the glitter because I do wanna keep my makeup looking as natural as possible. So, I have been using this peachy color right here, pretty much every single day. And sometimes, when I’m feeling adventurous, I would apply a little bit of glitter or a little bit of the darker colors on the outer corner. It just depends on my mood of the day. But I’m so impressed by 3CE eyeshadows because they are super soft, pigmented, blendable, it is just everything you can ask for. Yeah, this is probably my current favorite eyeshadow palette. My all-time favorite one would be the Naked2 Palette and the Mamonde one. But if you are into more matte colors, I recommend that you check out the 3CE palette because it has great matte and a glitter shadows, and the colors are just so beautiful. The perfume I have been loving is this one from Diptyque. Cree’mare was having a 25 to 30 percent off sale on all of the Diptyque candles, perfumes, and all the, like, roller balls that they had out. And I picked up a couple things from there, and this is, like, by far my current signature scent, I guess.

Extra Volumecurl Metal Maxicara

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