Extreme weight loss

The start is the hardest, so I mentally zone out: step by step, puff by puff. I finally hit my stride I’m into it: hiking at a decent pace and finally turning around at the halfway point to make it back down to the van. But when I get there, I find out it is not about how quickly you do the hike but how long you are doing physical activity. So one of the trainers suggests I keep walking past the van until they page me on the walkie-talkie to come back. I oblige, turn the corner and hide in the bushes, hardly camouflaged, until I’m instructed via walkie-talkie to return.

Lunch is at the beach today. My neck is throbbing, as if the remaining toxins are knocking on the back of my head begging to be replenished with coffee, wine and processed carbs. Oh, right: Toxic Tuesday.

Lunch is a salad with a vegan creamy dressing loaded with cannellini beans.

I learn that all of those carb-blocker pills use an active ingredient found in cannellini beans. So: Why not just eat real cannellini beans whenever you can? They block the carbs naturally.

Now it is a routine: daily massage, strength class, yoga, shower, eat an amazing dinner. Tonight’s super feast is spiral zucchini, black bean pasta and a vegan pesto, all presented in a giant mound that is lick-the-plate good. And, shockingly, just 375 calories.

8PM. I read a magazine in bed.

By page 10, I’m asleep.

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Extreme weight loss

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