Extremely Rare and Complex Magic Illusions

Magic is an extremely significant part of this world. In fact, magic is an entire industry that consists of many, many members and businesses. Magicians perform different acts, illusions and magic tricks, most of which make use of trickery to fool viewers into believing in fiction rather than reality. There are many, many cool magic tricks that exist and that have been performed in the past, and some of these magic tricks are quite complex and are rarely performed nowadays. The following are some of the rarest and most complex magic tricks in existence:


Magicians have been performing escapes for centuries now. Escapists are magicians who specialize in making escapes from even the most dire of situations, and the work that escapists do is quite commendable at the very least. However, as times have changed, the art of the escape has lost its value to society and people have begun to forget about it. One only rarely sees magicians performing escapes nowadays, and that is certainly unfortunate because seeing a professional escape first-hand is a thing of exquisite beauty.

Making large objects disappear and reappear

The most significant example of this kind of magical illusion is David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear and then reappear. Although making small objects disappear and reappear is quite a common illusion these days, there are only a handful of magicians in existence who are capable of performing this kind of illusion and perform it for their audiences.


Levitation has alluded and intrigued the human race for centuries now, and it is something that almost all humans can only dream of. Although many claim to be able to levitate in air, they can only do so through means and mediums other than their spiritual wits and the purity of their soul. There are only a few magicians in this world who are capable of actually levitating, causing one of the most amazing magic illusions in existence to become endangered.

Human dissection and connection

Last, but certainly not the least, another quite rare and extremely complex magical illusion is the dissection and, later, connection of a human being. Human dissection and connection is quite a complex magical illusion, and even though a number of different magicians today perform this illusion as a part of their regular shows, it is still an extremely rare magical illusion and is growing more and more endangered as time passes by.

Extremely Rare and Complex Magic Illusions Photo Gallery

Extremely Rare and Complex Magic Illusions

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