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Merry Go Round is another cleverly constructed song with word-play throughout that focuses on life in a small town and peoples natural tendency to just settle down where they were raised. The song opens with If you ain’t got two kids by 21/ You’re probably gonna die alone/ Least that’s what tradition told you/ And it do not matter if you do not believe/ Come Sunday morning, you best be there in the front row like you are supposed to. The chorus continues: Mary, Mary quite contrary/ We get bored, so, we get married/ Just like dust, we settle in this town/ On this broken merry go round and round andround we go/ Where it stops nobody knows and it ain’t slowindown/ This merry go round.

Interviewing Kacey is like talking with a friend you have not seen in a while. She’s personable, Eye makeup glasses open and down-to-earth and while she loves the life she has found for herself, she is not afraid of noting the tougher parts of her career, that she maybe wasn’t as prepared for -one of those was marketing herself.

The promotion is hard. It’s great talking to anybody who wants to talk to me about my music but sometimes it is hard to have a business based on yourself and talking about you, so whenever I can get away to the creative side I will. It is really taxing, travel on top of all that and not having a routine like most people where everyday is alike and you get the same amount of sleep every night – that in itself is really hard. Something I didn’t even think about when I jumped into this. But because I have my hands in everything sometimes I have to tell myself to let go a little bit of decisions here and there because it does get very taxing but it is all part of a brand that people see and connect with you, so it all has to line up and make sense.

I enjoy putting myself into all those things but it is really hard sometimes…

Kacey grew up in a small town in Texas, 80 miles from Dallas in a creative household. Her parents own and run a print shop in a nearby town and her mother is a visual artist. Making her singing debut as many girls would in these small towns through her local church when she was around eight years old, she soon hit the regional opry circuit. Working with local musician John DeFoore, founder of the DeFoore Music Institute, Kacey was a student encouraged to learn chords on guitar and write songs. She has previously said: My homework every week would be to write a song.

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