Eye sachet makeup

Eye sachet makeup

PLANT F Usually shades for age, usually between E and the section has a hard corner. The blush aids the appearance of age and weakness. As noted earlier, a red make-up close to the eye should be applied very carefully and removed.

A deep shadow color (dark brown, gray violet, or dark gray) can be added, while a middle or middle brush can be used, beginning at the inner corner of the eye but then becoming more plump than the middle shadow.

The mystery of shadowing different planes of the eye is effectively the shadow, the intensity of high light and some differences in color

to observe. One of these areas should never be illuminated smoothly or should not be lit up high. You should start with Shadowmind first in Plane C, then reduce its value in other parts of the field. The use of two pigments in the shade and the addition of algae is very helpful in bringing a convincing effect to the scene.

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One of the secrets of making a trustworthy eye-catcher is to keep the shadow in its heaviest position, creating a deep shadow at the bottom where the deep fold falls naturally, and allowing the weakness to be almost fully plump before reaching the corner of the eye. If these slight differences are made in a very small area, it will make these wrinkles difficult. To be credible, it is necessary to carefully and carefully style the hard corner, keeping it clean and sharp. Always use all of the medium and deep shadows, and make sure that the torso appears to be rounded at the bottom where the hook turns deep. A solidly painted shadow will look like a paint, not a bag.

If you have the beginning of a natural bag in your face, it will be easier to determine the correct size and shape. If not, then decide on the basis of the color that will look harmonious with your eye.
It is good to use the step method to style an eyeball simply with the paint.

Eye sachet makeup

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