Eyebrow removal with makeup

Eyebrow removal with makeup

Eyebrow lift. Smooth eyebrows show your face alive. If you need an extra frame, you can make your eyebrows come out with a dazzling eye shadow.

If you need to get rid of your eyebrows, just remove the hair that is scattered under your brow. If your eyebrows are natural, you can draw an arc that will point up to the upper part of your eyebrow with a soft, natural colored eyebrow if you lose it.

Imitate. To stretch your eyelash line, you can have huge eyes with a few single eyelashes that will stick to the outer edges of your eyes. If that sounds too painful, get extra glamor by stretching your liquid eyeliner a little further toward the outer edge of your eye.

Curl. Eyelash curlers are famous for their wide eyes. Be sure to curl your lashes before riming. Take care to ensure that the end-piece rubber housing is in good condition to keep your eyelash curlers clean and not to break the eyelashes of sharp edges.

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Eyebrow removal with makeup

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