Eyes for child

Eyes for child

If something penetrates the eyeball do not attempt to remove it. Cover both eyes with a clean dressing and a light bandage and see a doctor immediately (preferably a specialist at a large hospital).

Blows to the eye

Blows to the eye should be treated by lying the child flat on her back and closing the eye. Apply a pad of cotton wool and a light bandage. Get the child to a doctor.

Specks of dirt or small insects that enter the eye should be removed (see below) if they do not penetrate the eyeball and if you can get them out without fiddling too much. If a lot of dirt has entered the eye or you cannot get it out within a short time, see a doctor. If the dirt has scratched the eye it may be uncomfortable for some time. Keep the eye covered with a light dressing and see a doctor if it is not better within a few hours or worsens.

Removing specks in the eye

1. Wash your hands thoroughly.

2. Seat the child facing the light.

3. Pull down the lower lid. If you can see the speck remove it with the corner of a soft clean handkerchief, tissue or twist of damp cotton wool. Do not use dry cotton wool.

If the speck is under the upper lid get the child to look down, then grasp the top lashes and pull them down over the lower lashes. In this way the speck may be picked up by the lower lashes.

If this does not dislodge the object fill an eye bath with cool boiled water and let the child use it with her eye open. Many children are reluctant to do this so do not force her.

If the grit is still not out, try the following procedure

1. Stand behind the child with her head resting against you.

2. Hold a matchstick lengthways along the upper lid close to the lashes.

3. Hold the lashes and roll the eyelid back over the matchstick.

4. Remove the speck with a damp twist of cotton wool or the corner of a soft clean handkerchief.

If you have not found the speck, repeat the same procedure with the lower lid.

If you cannot find the speck or cannot remove it gently, see a doctor. Chemicals in the eye (272).

Eyes for child

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