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‘Maybe it is a case of knocking on the door enough times and eventually it will swing open, and that’s where I’m at now. Face makeup in pakistan I just keep trying to make some decent records and hope. It’s a chicken and egg situation; if people know your name, good things will happen.

Before his first album dropped, he was on the verge of being signed to Decca, but that fell through at the eleventh hour. So they turned down The Beatles AND Jon Allen then? Many major labels have been keen to snap him up over the years, but it has never quite worked out.Yes I have been close to the big time, many times, but I have to see it that I’m still very lucky. I’mliving the dreamto quote that cheesy phrase; making a living out of music. I’m still in an exclusive dub.

No matter how frustrating things get, Jon always bears in mind the encouragement he was given, by a man who himself came from nothing to be one of the most celebrated global musicians ever. As a student on a three-year degree course at Liverpool’s LIPA academy, Jon had the rare opportunity to spend 20 minutes in a one-to-one song-writing session with Sir Paul McCartney. He listened to two of Jon’s songs, and gave him some advice on how to tweak them, also advising him to continue being himself, doing what he was doing and NEVER give up.

Jon had spotted a newspaper advert for LIPA (Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts, based in Sir Paul McCartney’s old school) and as a huge Beatles fan, and member of a Beatles tribute band as a youngster, it tickled his fancy. He recalled being 16 and getting a four track recorder, and the first song he recorded on it was This Boy, by The Beatles; trying to recreate the Fab Four’s harmonies.

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Face makeup in pakistan

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