Fainting for child

Fainting for child

Fainting is caused by a temporary shortage of blood to the brain. The child may become very pale, break out in a sweat and start swaying, or she may say she feels dizzy.

Feeling faint

1. Tell her to breathe deeply.

2. Sit her on the floor and put her head between her legs so that the blood can flow more easily to the brain.

3. Reassure her and loosen any tight clothing.

4. If the room is stuffy move her to a cool draughty spot.

If she has already fainted

1. Loosen any tight clothes.

2. Open the doors so that fresh cool air reaches her, or take her into the fresh air if possible.

3. Lift her legs up high while she lies on the floor so that blood can go to her head.

4. When she has recovered, give her sips of water if requested.

5. Keep her lying down for at least ten minutes.

If there is no obvious cause for the faint such as a very stuffy room, prolonged standing or a missed meal, have her examined by a doctor.

If it is not your own child, check for a Medic Alert disc that may give a clue to the cause of the collapse, for example, diabetes or epilepsy.

Fainting for child

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