Falon Dickerson Photos 2016

Going some random pictures of stuff. Gonna shoot some more when the weather permits, I’m up in Oregon right now and it had been raining non stop lol. But I will be back in LA on Thursday.

Haha I have a huge m for some reason. It All was the title of A.J. McLeans first solo album and it seems to be his life philosophy as well. The Backstreet Boy has been married for four years to Rochelle Karidis, 34, and is father to their daughter Ava, 3, but that didnt stop him from hooking up recently with Falon Dickerson, 24, who tells

OK! that the 38-year-old was her childhood crush.

Falon says she met A.J. late last year at a Pomona, Calif., trade show, where he was promoting his flavored vapor-juice line, Skulleeroz. We hit it off right away, and before I knew it, I was in a hotel room with him, she recalls. I had a good buzz on, and usually drunk sex is awesome, but with A.J. it wasnt good. Then, Fallon claims, as she was adding him on

Instagram, he told her he had to leave to plan his daughters upcoming birthday party. I was dumbfounded, she says. I stayed in bed scrolling through his profile, looking at pictures of his wife and daughter. Id thought he was single the whole time!


The two decided to meet up again, Falon claims, weeks later at a Los Angeles hotel. At this point, I knew he was married, but his wifes name never came up, she says. Plus, I was drunk from another work event, so why not? The sex was no better.

It could be part of a pattern with A.J., who confessed in 2003 to cheating on his fiancee at the time with an Alcoholics Anonymous confidante, torpedoing that promising relationship. Thats how insane I am, he said. And Falon claims hes still pursuing her: He was in New York recently and offered to buy me a plane ticket out there to see him, she says. And he wanted to visit me when I moved to Aspen. But I had no desire to continue things; the sex wasnt worth it. Now, she adds, I feel proud to be putting him in his place. OK!

Maybe if I’m lucky I will see that in person one day. Haha that is a possibility. Very few have, it is a task.

Well I’m up for the task and hopefully u dont make it to difficult


After her first night with A.J., Falon exchanged explicit messages with the singer, including this sequence (hes Skulleeroz). He loved commenting on my [butt], she says. And though their in-person encounters have ended, she says they still keep in touch on a friendly basis or they did, up until now.
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Falon Dickerson Photos 2016

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